Tag: cleric


  • Heden Tor

    Heden Tor manages his little band of followers, trying to avoid city politics. Unfortunately, his numbers and personal charisma give him a fair amount of influence, and people push and pull at him from all sides. About ten years ago, he led a heroic …

  • Dirber

    Dirber is the head priest of the [[Temple to Kelanen]], and the disappointed father of [[:binni | Binni]]. The "old man" isn't yet thirty, and is quite fit. He is a busy patron of adventurers, but has no patience for failure.

  • Joriss

    Joriss is a half-elven visionary whose ability to predict the future is uncanny. He is one of the most important city elders. He dislikes the heavy humanoid presence in the city, especially the orcs. He is the head cleric of the [[Temple of Obad-hai]]

  • Rick

    Rick is a heavy but muscular priest, who ministers with an eye toward wry humor and a strong sense of fair play. He’s not a political player. Several times he has gained and lost fortunes with his obsession over searching for treasure in the Sea of …

  • Rumble

    Rumble, as he’s known, is friendly to dwarves, gnomes and halflings and suspicous of all others. He’s a wine and liquor connoisseur who will buy exotic drinks in any quantity. Rumble is the leader of the [[Temple of Beory]].