Brego's chief bodyguard


Fenestren is the leader of a small band of followers personally loyal to Brego. He accompanies the Chief on most public occasions and lives in the Keep. He and the chief have known each other for many years, and they can communicate paragraphs with a nod or a shrug.

He has been seen paying tribute at shrines of Obad-hai, but nobody is sure of his real beliefs.

Fenestren is a slender, almost effeminate man who speaks very quietly. His features are pointed, almost elfin, and most people think he has elven blood in his recent lineage. He wears rustic greens and browns, carries a dagger, and wears a small amount of silver jewelry. One of these pieces is a charm bracelet he wears on his left wrist. He often plays with one of the charms and smiles when he’s listening to conversations around him.


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