Oct 10, 2013

Session 3: Unexpected Rescue — 1,207 xp

Still making our way through the abandoned fort. Although Grey Lynn tried to commit suicide-by-snake, the strength of our group prevailed, and we managed to keep her safe. We battled further monsters, including a terrifying ogre, but it was a nest of large and aggressive rats that proved our greatest triumph. The nest was directly in our path — blocking the stairs down to the lower levels, and Sylvia hit upon the notion of allowing Grey Lynn to talk to them, and direct them to the carcass of a huge lizard we had just dispatched. We proceeded entirely unmolested and no one contracted any illnesses from rat-bite.

The ogre was keeping a pair of merchants and a gnome in his “larder,” for later eating. Unexpectedly, all were alive, and we fixed their door to lock from the inside, so they could wait for us while we continued the search for Binni.

I am not hopeful.



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