Tag: thief


  • Chukko Red

    On his father's death, Chukko engaged in internecine warfare with a half-dozen other family members over [[Husker | his father's]] criminal enterprise. [[Red Blades | The family business]] suffered from the conflict, and the family emerged smaller and …

  • Slutha

    Slutha is a smooth-talking slimeball. He operates small-time con games, usually on foreign merchants. Nobody trusts him with anything. He avoids committing to anything that might make anyone angry.

  • Sylvano Faeson

    Sylvano Moonsong was away, adventuring in the Good Hills, when his mother, Lillora Moonsong, was abducted by the [[Red Blades | Red Blades]] for [[Husker | Husker Red's]] "entertainment." He spent the next dozen years hunting his mother, eventually …