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  • Flash

    Brego isn't known for carrying around a golf bag of swords. Flash is the sword he's most closely associated with. It's a broadsword with a bright painted red handle. He's known for the speed with which he draws it--both his eagerness and his actual energy …

  • Bonedancer's Wand

    The Bonedancer was an infamous necromancer who had a tower in the Drachensgrab Hills and troubled the area with his skeletal minions. His creations were notoriously tough and quick, and they laid waste to a 10-mile radius around his tower. The Wand …

  • Laventhal's

    Laventhal’s Inn is a ritzy, high-priced inn with a good reputation. It has 18 rooms and 4 suites. The suites are models of comfort. They have private baths, multiple beds, and a good breeze in the summer. Two servants take care of the suites exclusively, …

  • Genie's Wish

    A busy and well-known casino, owned by [[:hendrick | Hendrick]]. The Wish's games are cards and dice of all kinds. Table pots vary from copper to platinum, and a back room is reserved for "special events" where the stakes make or break fortunes. The …

  • Rose Petal

    Even in a rough town, the Rose Petal is held in open contempt. It was [[Hendrick]]'s first venture, started almost 40 years ago. The Petal's specialty is young workers. Often these are "legal" teenagers. Some continue working into their twenties. …

  • Dancing Kite

    The Dancing Kite is a lean, triple-masted ship designed and crewed for speed. It has all the standing records for crossing the bay and making the trip to the Great Kingdom. All the pirates want her, but her departure times and destinations are great …

  • Brego Hammerfist

    Brego's wife Hilda loves to travel. Right now she's on a pilgrimage to Wintershiven. Whether she travels to get away from her husband or for other reasons is a subject of warm debate in the city. Brego has had two children, both sons. One, [[Breand]], …

  • Mirri

    Mirri is a tanned, wrinkled woman who wears her 30 years hard. She's rude and interjects her opinion without invitation. How she keeps a job in the service industry is a complete mystery.

  • Alana "Sunset"

    Sunset is a stupid whore. She's not very pretty, and she doesn't have a great attitude. Her clientele are usually fishermen cheating on their wives. Everyone at the docks knows her.

  • Obox

    Obox is a short half-orc known for his willingness to take any job, regardless of the danger. He's not considered trustworthy, though. Several times he's been the sole survivor of an expedition. He's very aggressive and spends his money quickly after a …

  • Cain

    Cain is tall and pretty and full of bravado. He's looking for a princess to rescue.

  • "Ghastly" Benner

    Benner, known as "Ghastly" to his friends and otherwise, captains a small fishing boat, but that's not what he's known for. Ghastly smells really bad. Like, it would be impossible for him to surprise anybody in a dungeon. He doesn't smell like fish. He …

  • Hendrick

    Hendrick owns a casino, a brothel, a tavern, as well as a merchant ship. The casino is the busiest and best-known of these interests, at least locally. Just about everyone in Elredd has tried their luck at the [[Genie's Wish]] at least once. The …

  • Sara

    Sara is the hot new thing in the arts right now. [[:brego-hammerfist | Brego]] commissioned a statue near the [[Kabal Gate | front gate]] from her, and she surpassed everyone's expectations. She created a fountain with a statue of a merman pursuing a …

  • Fenestren

    Fenestren is the leader of a small band of followers personally loyal to Brego. He accompanies [[:brego-hammerfist | the Chief]] on most public occasions and lives in the Keep. He and the chief have known each other for many years, and they can …

  • Heden Tor

    Heden Tor manages his little band of followers, trying to avoid city politics. Unfortunately, his numbers and personal charisma give him a fair amount of influence, and people push and pull at him from all sides. About ten years ago, he led a heroic …

  • Slutha

    Slutha is a smooth-talking slimeball. He operates small-time con games, usually on foreign merchants. Nobody trusts him with anything. He avoids committing to anything that might make anyone angry.

  • Ellanor

    Ellanor operates the "Shore Leave", a brothel with a mix of cheap whores and exceptional high-class courtesans. Visitors are advised to be on their best behavior, because anyone who raises a hand against even the skankiest of trollops might lose it.

  • Tozo

    Tozo's the short-tempered captain of a rickety old fishing boat. Last season it suffered extensive damage during a late squall. He lost several crewmen and barely limped back to port. He also lost most of the season's catch, so he has been unable to fully …

  • Simple Jim

    Simple Jim is a slow-witted, though obedient lad in his late teens that works for [[:canto | Canto]]. He requires a bit more management than most, though he can be counted on to do what he is told… as long as the directions are not too complex. (Typically …

  • Dirber

    Dirber is the head priest of the [[Temple to Kelanen]], and the disappointed father of [[:binni | Binni]]. The "old man" isn't yet thirty, and is quite fit. He is a busy patron of adventurers, but has no patience for failure.

  • Grey Lynn

    Another of [[:canto | Canto's]] siblings, recruited to oppose the [[Red Blades]]. Grey Lynn is on temporary sabbatical from her order for "personal reasons." When Grey Lynn was assigned to her mentor, it was a little scary. He had a reputation for …

  • Joriss

    Joriss is a half-elven visionary whose ability to predict the future is uncanny. He is one of the most important city elders. He dislikes the heavy humanoid presence in the city, especially the orcs. He is the head cleric of the [[Temple of Obad-hai]]

  • Gram

    Gram is the head of the [[Wild Coast Trading Syndicate]]. He’s comically superstitious, spending hundreds of gold propitiating every god in the book and throwing a couple of extra sacrifices out there just in case he’s forgotten one.

  • Vraymar Al Korven

    Vraymar owns and operates Vraymar Al Korven’s [[Livery Stables]] close to the center of town. He is somewhat skilled with exotic beasts like unicorns and hippogriffs, but he wouldn’t touch something aggressive and carnivorous like a griffon.

  • Rick

    Rick is a heavy but muscular priest, who ministers with an eye toward wry humor and a strong sense of fair play. He’s not a political player. Several times he has gained and lost fortunes with his obsession over searching for treasure in the Sea of …

  • Rumble

    Rumble, as he’s known, is friendly to dwarves, gnomes and halflings and suspicous of all others. He’s a wine and liquor connoisseur who will buy exotic drinks in any quantity. Rumble is the leader of the [[Temple of Beory]].

  • Deuce

    Deuce is Ron's mentor in the killing arts. He's a former soldier of some kind from somewhere--he's fuzzy on the details. However, clues in the past indicate that he's from the Great Kingdom. He's short-sighted. He has a small plot of land outside the city …

  • Igor

    Igor is a slaver specializing in highly-prized slaves—gladiators, monsters, scholars, exotic sex slaves, etc. He has one of the most feared fighters in the city as his bodyguard, [[:celerian | Celerian]], a half-elf of superlative speed and agility.

  • Celerian

    He is the bodyguard and property of [[:igor | Igor]], Elredd's "slaver to the rich." He is also one of the most feared and respected fighters in town.