Bully and fisherman


Tozo has crazy straw-colored hair, a sturdy build, and a bristly beard. He carries a knobby club and menaces people with it when he talks.


Tozo’s the short-tempered captain of a rickety old fishing boat. Last season it suffered extensive damage during a late squall. He lost several crewmen and barely limped back to port. He also lost most of the season’s catch, so he has been unable to fully repair. He’s very desperate for some kind of fix. It’ll be hard to find a crew with a crippled boat, and he can’t afford to repair the boat without a good catch.

Tozo yells a lot and has a sailor’s colorful vocabulary when it comes to calling people names. Since last season, he’s been working as a stevedore, bullying lesser personalities out of jobs when work’s scarce.


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