"The Viper"

An assassin


“The Viper” (real name unknown, of course) is an assassin in high demand. To date, he has never failed and never reneged on a contract. He has come close to being caught, but his identity is still in much doubt. Speak with dead on his various victims reveals a great deal of care on his part not to be seen. He often kills by poison; hence his nickname.

Contacting the Viper is a mystery to common folk. Conventional wisdom says that he is based in Safeton, some 90 miles or so up the coast. He has struck targets around the Wild Coast.

Known targets include a priest of Pholtus in Badwall, a councilman in Falx, a merchant in Elredd, a cleric of St. Cuthbert in Safeton, and a magic-user in Fax. The magic-user’s assassination is a lesson in cleverness. The Viper managed to poison the magic-user’s own dagger, and when the magic-user cut himself as part of the somatic component of a spell he was casting, he died.

"The Viper"

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