Sylvano Faeson

Wood Elf, Thief


S — 16
I — 12
W — 9
D — 19
C — 16
Ch— 15

AC — 2
HP — 40

Long Sword, & Dagger, Sling
Studded Leather & Ring of Protection


Sylvano Moonsong was away, adventuring in the Good Hills, when his mother, Lillora Moonsong, was abducted by the Red Blades for Husker Red’s “entertainment.” He spent the next dozen years hunting his mother, eventually returning home in defeat.

Sylvano returned to the Dim Forest to be with his father, Forune Moonsong. Although the old elf put up a brave front, the light had faded from his life, and he soon died of a broken heart. With great sadness, the elders of the elven tribe stripped Sylvano of his family name, owing to his failure to keep either of them safe. (Wood elves have some strange rules when it comes to family.) He was given the name Faeson, which meant he was the child of all wood elves, everywhere. This was seen as the best the elders could do for Sylvano, who was seen as the tragic figure in all this.

Many years later, a close friend of Sylvano’s burst into his home, a bedraggled, old human tightly bound and slung over his shoulder. The human had been overheard in a tavern in Sultim, bragging of his superiority to the nearby elves, and mentioned capturing the women as slaves to be sold far away in his youth.

Sylvano pulled the information from the dirty man easily, and set off for Badwall, home of Husker Red. By the time he arrived, the old crime lord was already dead, murdered by one of his many bastards, and Lillora was just another of the many elven women Husker had used up and eliminated.

To make himself feel better, Sylvano stalked and assassinated a couple of Husker’s grandchildren, but it didn’t seem to help. However, while closing in on his last, intended victim, Sylvano uncovered evidence that more than one of Husker’s half-elven children had come together in Elredd, and even more surprisingly, one of them was Sylvano’s sister. He lost no time knocking the dust of Badwall from his cloak, and headed toward Elredd, and his family.

Sylvano Faeson

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