Heden Tor

Cleric of Ehlonna


Heden is short and thin. He has blonde hair and steel blue eyes. He looks frail, but he bends a bow like a champion. His vision is legendary within the city. He’s usually seen in reds and whites.


Heden Tor manages his little band of followers, trying to avoid city politics. Unfortunately, his numbers and personal charisma give him a fair amount of influence, and people push and pull at him from all sides. About ten years ago, he led a heroic defense of the city against an orcish pirate raid. The story is that he shot 20 times and killed 20 orcs, leaving the pirate ship adrift in the tide.

Heden rides a white warhorse that he dotes on. It’s more agile than strong, and its hoofbeats are eerily silent.

Heden Tor

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