Grey Lynn

Half-elven druid


S — 15
I — 11
W — 18
D — 17
C — 15
Ch— 16

AC — 4
HP — 9

Scimitar & Sling
Leather Armor & Shield

Wardog: “Biscuit”


Another of Canto’s siblings, recruited to oppose the Red Blades. Grey Lynn is on temporary sabbatical from her order for “personal reasons.”

When Grey Lynn was assigned to her mentor, it was a little scary. He had a reputation for being very gropy. After less than a week in his service, he started to rub her shoulders. Nobody else was around. His body language said that a back rub wasn’t all he wanted. In response Grey Lynn broke three of his fingers, and set Biscuit on him. He called her a whore and a tease and tried to hit her, but she took up a club and smashed his jaw, crushed his nose, and then stapled his ball-sac to his forehead, causing him to walk around the druid grove doubled over for weeks. Finally, some previous female students chopped off his balls so he could walk upright again, but they remain affixed to his head to this day.

Grey Lynn’s mentor is much calmer now.

Grey Lynn

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