Greta Weatherwax

Gnome Illusionist


S — 6
I — 18
W — 10
D — 17
C — 16
Ch— 8

AC — 2
HP — 27

Darts & Dagger
Bracers & Ring of Protection


Both the Fairchildes and Weatherwaxes are banking houses for their respective races, with a long history of cooperation behind the scenes. Fifty years ago, the Fairchildes were forced to deplete their treasury entirely, financing the defense of the Southern Dreadwoods against a trio of unusually cooperative orcish warlords. Unfortunately, it was not nearly enough.

The Weatherwaxes came to the elves’ aid, bringing mercenaries from a thousand miles in every direction. The effort nearly bankrupted the gnomes, but the Fairchilde family, and the grey elf city they lived in, were saved.

Now, both houses are rebuilding. However, because of the heroic efforts of the gnomish banking clan, every member of the House of Fairchilde has voluntarily sworn a life-debt to the Weatherwaxes, to aid and protect them until such time as the monetary debt between them is repaid. (Similar to a vow of Hospitality.) It is a matter of elven honor, Fairchilde tradition, and a display of the solidity of the banking house, even in the face of potential disaster.

This part all grey elves and gnomes know.

What only a few know is that Sylvia Fairchild’s maid, Greta, is a Weatherwax. She is that banking clan’s spy in Elredd, and has been posing as a maid for cover. (The real reason that the house was so unkempt was that Sylvia was in actuality obliged to clean for Greta… and being used to having a real maid, Sylvia didn’t have the aptitude for the job.)

Recently, Sylvia has vanished. Greta has begun making inquiries, but she suspects the worst. However, to maintain her presence in Elredd, Greta needs to obtain a new “employer” for her cover disguise. As it happens, Sylvia’s uncle has just arrived in town…

Greta Weatherwax

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