A swordsman


Deuce is thin and wiry, with gray hair and a handlebar mustache. He looks like Lee van Cleef. He squints a lot and blames his aging eyes for it. He loves the outdoors and spends a great deal of time taking care of a flower garden. He sometimes sleeps outside, too, often on his patio roof.

Deuce favors a sword, but he’s familiar with bow, spear, and dagger, too.

Gear: platemail, shield, longsword (magic of some unknown quality), boots of striding and springing.


Deuce is Ron’s mentor in the killing arts. He’s a former soldier of some kind from somewhere—he’s fuzzy on the details. However, clues in the past indicate that he’s from the Great Kingdom. He’s short-sighted. He has a small plot of land outside the city of Elredd on which he raises a few cattle and swine. He has no patience for the evil and violence inside Elredd, and the city seems to reciprocate. Orcs fly into a rage at the mention of his name.


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