Half-elven cleric/fighter/magic-user


S — 15
I — 16
W — 16
D — 12
C — 15
Ch— 18

AC — 6
HP — 7

Long Sword & Longbow
Studded Leather & Shield

Krieger (1st lvl Fighter Hireling)


Canto is small and slight, with dark, shoulder-length hair and dark eyes. He is finely featured. Canto is generally quiet, and when he speaks, he has a knack for making others feel special.

Elven maiden Lia Dewdrop was captured by the criminal boss Husker Red, and forced to serve him. She lasted only long enough to bear him a son, whom she named Laulaminen (elvish for “song”) before she died. Husker called the boy Canto, and entertained his human children by forcing the half-elf to sing for them, and by letting them take turns whipping him.

Canto grew in wit and strength while Husker only grew older and more feeble, and eventually Husker pushed the boy too far, paying for it with his life. Canto fled; Husker had many more sons still in the Red Blades, and Canto had been witness to many atrocities committed by the villainous organization. He knew that they would likely hunt him, and decided to be ready when they found him.

Husker had always had an eye for elven women, and Canto had seen many come and go, often with Husker’s bastards in arm. Canto resolved to find as many of these discarded half-breed children as he could, and create his own organization. They would need to be dedicated to building wealth and power as fast as possible, and be strong individually as well as together.

At the end of an adventure with his group, Canto’s brother Krieger decided to leave. Realizing his brother was more important to him than making a stand against the Red Blades, and being unable to persuade Krieger otherwise, Canto followed. Where they are today is anyone’s guess.


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