"Ghastly" Benner

A fisherman who smells


Benner is about 5’2" but burly in build. Benner is a lifelong bachelor and even the women of the Avenue of the Red Lanterns avoid him. He has dark, curly hair, dark eyes, and the skin on his left hand appears scaly.


Benner, known as “Ghastly” to his friends and otherwise, captains a small fishing boat, but that’s not what he’s known for. Ghastly smells really bad. Like, it would be impossible for him to surprise anybody in a dungeon. He doesn’t smell like fish. He smells worse than fish. It’s kind of like the bloated corpse of a poisoned kuo-toa crawled into your nostrils to explode from the gas build-up.

Nobody signs on with him for more than one season. He has to pay extra because his horrible stink makes working with him unbearable.

"Ghastly" Benner

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