Sept 19, 2013

Session 2: Boys Will Be Boys — 1,252 xp

Charmed two orcs over the last week. Still trying to figure out the opening moves of my “criminal empire.”

The Chief set flyers out offering 500 gold for the capture and return of Binni. I guess the kid finally left his bread baking in the wrong oven. Sylvia caught wind where Binni was headed, so we stopped by Dirber’s temple to offer him the boy’s safety before we left town. I don’t know what kind of son Binni was to Dirber, but the old man didn’t seem to care too much about it. Still, might be a double-drop in the making.

Killed some frogs and a giant spider at the old fort Binni is supposed to be holed up in. Also found a gang of bandits using the place as a headquarters. (At least they had some loot buried.) Might have to accept not finding Binni alive.



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